Here are some more places around New York that we enjoyed:

Over the weekend we visited Ancolie, a new cafe where all the food is sold in jars.  It’s a little on the expensive side, but the mix of ingredients was interesting and tasty.  Miriam got the grain jar, which had butternut squash, apples, cauliflower, and farro:




Cyril got the winter salad with chicken, goat cheese, lentils, and cranberries:




We also found a pretty cool place to eat in Williamsburg:  Sweet Chick.  It’s a fried chicken place, so Cyril got himself some chicken and bacon-cheddar waffles:




But the truly AMAZING thing is that they have vegetarian fried chicken!!!  Miriam almost died from excitement when she found out she could get a veggie fried chicken bucket.  Check it out (with a biscuit on the side):




In the spirit of disclosure, no, it wasn’t quite like the real thing.  But it was pretty darn close – so much so that Cyril tried to sneak off with the leftovers the next day.

By the way, they also have a pretty tasty mac and cheese appetizer:




And finally, we visited L’Amico to get their Dough to Go kit and used it to made a pizza at home.  The kit comes with dough, sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil, plus instructions on how to make one of their pizzas.




It’s pretty easy:  just stretch out the dough, cover it with tomato sauce, and tear the mozzarella into a few pieces and spread those on top alongside the basil.




Then bake it at 400° and in 15 minutes you have a nice, thin crust pizza for two.




That’s all for now – but we’ll put out more updates on restaurants we like that have tasty vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, so check back soon!