It was inevitable:  as millennials, we were bound to feature avocado toast on this blog sooner or later.  Our generation can’t help it; we’re destined to chow down on this much-maligned dish in lieu of buying houses.  But despite its bad rap, avocado toast is pretty delicious, and it’s also not that expensive to make at home.  You can find avocados for $2 each, a loaf of good bread for $2.50, a small carton eggs for $2, and all the veggies we used cost around $3.75.  That means you can feed two people avocado toast for a little over $10, plus you’ll have a bunch of eggs left over.  Not bad – now you can have your avocado toast and put something towards a down payment on a home.  Maybe.

Anyway, you can make a vegan or non-vegan version of avocado toast, and you’ll need:

  • A loaf of sourdough bread
  • An avocado
  • Olive oil
  • Sea salt
  • Red pepper flakes
  • A hot red pepper
  • Baby arugula
  • Eggs (optional – leave off for a vegan recipe)

Start by neatly cracking open your avocado:  the trick is to carefully run the blade of a sharp knife all the way around the outside (but not through the pit), then twist both halves apart until the avocado breaks open.  To cleanly get the pit out, wedge a large knife into it and then wiggle it around until it pops out.  Here’s a good video showing you how to do all this.




Next, take your loaf of bread and cut it into thick, sturdy slices.




Toast the bread lightly, and when it’s cooled off a little drizzle each slice with olive oil and sprinkle on sea salt.


toasted bread_1205x900


Cut your avocado into generous wedges and place some on each piece of bread …


avocado slices_1232x900


… then use a fork to mash the avocado onto the bread until it’s mostly smooth.




Add on some red pepper flakes, then finely slice up your red pepper and place that on top of the avocado as well.


hot stuff_1351x900


Then add some baby arugula.




You can eat your toast just like this and it’s vegan, or you can make yourself a sunny-side up egg – with lots of pepper on it – and put that on top of your everything else.




Can you see why so many of us young people like avocado toast?  You’ve got a bunch of different flavors – rich avocado, spicy peppers, cool greens, and a warm egg – all packed on top of a piece of bread.  It’s tasty, and it’s got enough veggies to make it good for you.  Don’t let the millennial bashers get you down – try our recipe out and add it to your breakfast or brunch rotation.